How We Process and Pay Your Donations (US only)

On JustGiving, donations are processed safely and securely and then disbursed to your organization.

For charity customers in the United States, JustGiving offers two methods of processing payments.

Blackbaud Giving Fund

By default, donations processed to US organizations on JustGiving are processed to the Blackbaud Giving Fund, a public charity and donor advised fund (DAF) and a partner of Blackbaud, and then remitted your organization regularly.

You can add the details of the bank account you would like us to pay your donations into, and we will distribute your donations on a weekly basis via bank transfer.  

By default, if you take no action your donations will be processed via the Blackbaud Giving Fund and paid to you via check on a monthly basis to the address we have on file. To update your address, follow these instructions. 

Blackbaud Merchant Services

Organizations based in the US can choose to process donations made on JustGiving through Blackbaud Merchant Services (BBMS). More details on BBMS can be found here More details on BBMS can be found here (

Note: Any donations processed prior to setting up or connecting BBMS, will be processed and paid via the Blackbaud Giving Fund, see above.

We recommend choosing the processing option that that best meets your needs. Read on to compare options and find the best match. 





What are your fees?

Fees for US organizations

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