How do we implement and customise Giving Checkout?

It's super easy to get started with Giving Checkout, using the options available in your charity account.

Charities can choose to implement Giving Checkout from the following options, all of which are customisable:

  • Link (to use on your website, in emails or on social channels)
  • Donate Button (to use on your website)
  • QR code (to use on direct mail, fundraising packs and posters)
  • Donate Box (to use on your website)

Simply copy the link or code (depending on the implementation options you choose) from your charity account and use this on your website or other channels.

Please note, if you copy and paste your Giving Checkout link it into your browser for testing purposes, remember to come back to your charity account to retrieve the original link to use on your website and not to copy the link from your browser as this link will not work.

Can we customise our Giving Checkout link?

Yes, you can customise parameters to tailor the Giving Checkout experience for your donors in the following ways:

  • Default to single or recurring monthly donation
  • Suggested donation amount – this shows the default donation amount. Choose up to five custom amounts and a default amount
  • Post-donation landing page - where your donor is returned to after making their donation, such as a thank you page
  • Reference – keep track of your Giving Checkout donations in reporting. This will appear in the Third Party Reference/Referrer columns in your reports and a different reference can be used on each Giving Checkout implementation you use, so you can keep track of where donations are coming from.
  • Branding – Your Giving Checkout donation form will match the colours and logo you’ve selected in the ‘Branding’ tab in your JustGiving charity account.

We are working on adding even more customisation options.

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