How to customise the data in your payment reports

To make your payment reports easier to read and manage you can add and remove columns, rename them and change the order in which they appear.

Follow these steps to customise your payments reports

  1. Log into your charity account
  2. Select the Reports tab
  3. Click on Payment reports
  4. Select Donation report preferences to make changes to your donation payment reports.
  5. Select Gift Aid report preferences to make changes to your Gift Aid payment reports (UK charities only).                                                                


  1. Select Add or remove columns
  2. Put a tick next to the column title that you want to see in your report
  3. Click the  icon for a column definition
  4. Select continue once you are happy with the columns you have chosen.
  5. Click the  icon to rename a column
  6. Click and drag the icon to change a column position
  7. Click Save changes

Next time you Generate and download a payment report it will reflect your chosen preferences.

To view a full report at any time click Reset report to return all original columns.

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