Adding custom codes to your data

What are Custom Codes?

Depending on the size of your charity, your Payment Reports could include thousands of rows of donation data. We understand that this can be hard to digest and manage.

You can make it easier to import and match data in your fundraising database by adding Custom Codes to your data. Even if your charity doesn't use a database, Custom Codes can help you identify the area of your charity that certain donations should go to.

Custom Codes can be added to Events, Fundraising Pages and now Campaign Pages.


What does this mean?

You can integrate your JustGiving data with your CRM by adding codes, relevant to your charity’s database. These codes pull through into your reports surfacing the data points that are useful to you and your charity.

Whether it’s a unique ID for the fundraiser or a fund or department that donations need to be allocated to, you can add this information to JustGiving so when you download your reports each week the data you need is already there.


How does this work?

You can add custom codes to the Fundraising Pages that are created for your charity. This could be a code that identity’s the geographic region they live in or the fund that they want to support with their fundraising. You can also assign codes to fundraising pages in bulk using our Bulk Upload Tool to save even more time.

Adding Custom Codes to Events means that when a fundraising page is created for an event it pulls through the codes you have already populated against it.

Adding custom codes to your Campaign Pages will make the donations made to a specific Campaign Page much easier to identify. This will make the ringfencing or restriction of those funds much easier to manage.


What will this look like for us?

There are already columns with your reports that will pull through the custom codes you have added. Once you download a report you can head straight to these columns to understand where the donation has came from and where the money should go. 

This makes it simple to see the breakdown of donations from different sources, beneficiaries, regions, or any parameter you can imagine. The power is in your hands!  


How do I add custom codes to my data?

It's easy! View our guide to custom codes below.

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