Understanding our fees - Ireland

We are committed to providing a cost-effective service to our charity partners and as such we do not charge a platform fee on any individual donations made to charities.

Instead we give donors the option to make a voluntary contribution to the cost of maintaining our platform should they wish.

How does it work on a typical €10.00 donation?

  1. Someone donates €10 to their friend's fundraising page or direct to your charity
  2. It gets paid into the JustGiving Charity Trust Fund and we deduct our payment processing fee of 2.9% (on a €10 donation this would be €0.29)
  3. Their €10 donation becomes €9.71 and gets transferred to you in your monthly payment from JustGiving

(Please note, if the donation currency is different to the currency of which the donors bank account is held then the card holder will incur an additional cost by their bank as a conversion cost, this is not done by JustGiving and this fee is variable across banks i.e. If my bank account is in GBP and I make a donation to a charity in Euro then I will incur a conversion cost, however the charity will still only be charged the Euro transaction fee of 2.9%).

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