Is Giving Checkout free for every donation?

Yes, Giving Checkout is completely free to use for your direct donations (including regular gifts) as part of your JustGiving membership on the Grow and Start Plan. We’ll cover processing fees from a donor’s voluntary contribution, or we’ll absorb the cost if they don’t tip. 

A 5% Gift Aid processing fee is still applicable on donations made through Giving Checkout if we are your registered Gift Aid agent. 


Do we pay any fees for donations made outside of the UK? 

No, Giving Checkout is always free including on transactions made with non-UK registered payment methods and currencies. 


Do I have access to free reporting on my donor data?

JustGiving is proud to offer free reporting for Giving Checkout donations across all membership plans. You can now run a dedicated report to see any donations made solely through Giving Checkout, making it easier to keep track of the money your charity has raised!



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