How to use your Giving Checkout QR code

What are QR codes? 

When you create your Giving Checkout link, you have the option of downloading a handy QR code that directs supporters straight to your online donation form.  QR codes (aka quick response codes) are images that, when scanned on a phone or tablet, take a person to a specific website page. Your donors can quickly and easily scan to donate without having to type or remember a long web address. 


Your Giving Checkout QR code can be printed and used on your physical fundraising materials, including direct mail-outs, fundraising packs, posters, and collection buckets. Additionally, you can use your QR code on your charity’s website and social media. 

Some handy tips & tricks to make sure your QR code works correctly 

  1. Ensure the QR code’s image quality is as high as possible 
  2. Make sure the contrast is high enough between the QR code and the background on which it sits (try for black on white rather than black on grey/cream) 
  3. Print your QR codes on a flat surface to avoid distortion
  4. Test your QR code before and after publishing to guarantee success 

If you use a third-party QR code generator 

Charities can choose to input their Giving Checkout link into a third-party generator to make the QR code look more visually interesting. This includes adding colour or a logo to the code’s image. If your team is keen to make the QR code snazzier, keep these tips in mind: 

  1. Be sure to use a third-party generator that has no QR code expiry date 
  2. Never invert the colours – this will almost surely break the link! 
  3. Visually complicated QR codes might not function properly when scanned 

Still having issues? 

Checkout this helpful article about how to address other possible errors with your Giving Checkout link. 

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