Creating an In memory fundraising or donation page

What is JustGiving In memory?

In memory pages provide a simple and sensitive way for you to raise money online to remember a loved one.

When selecting yes to fundraising in memory, we surface that information on your fundraising page

Team Tribute Fundraising

Fundraisers who wish to raise collectively in memory of a loved have the ability to do so through creating a Team Tribute fundraising page.

Through our Team Fundraising creation, fundraisers can opt to collectively raise in-memory, where upon creation an altered view of a Team fundraising page is shown.

Team fundraising creation:

Team Tribute fundraising page example:

My in memory Fundraising Page looks different?

We recently updated existing in memory pages (URL containing to align with our team tribute fundraising pages.

Owners of these pages will see that the pages retain all the information that was previously visible (Total raised, linked fundraisers and donation messages) plus additional enhancements such as:

  • Altered wording to highlight ‘Tribute’ over ‘Team’
  • Enhanced Social Sharing options
  • Greater visibility of Fundraisers linked to Tribute alongside links to donating to these pages
  • A dedicated Admin that will enable yourself to make updates to your Team Tribute Page through customisation (Cover, Story). This can be accessed by heading to your fundraising section in your account 

NB - There will be no changes to the fundraising URL

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